Летняя школа "Анализ конфликтов: Компетентное обучение для украинского гражданского общества» Винница, 7-11 октября, 2015 Summer School „Conflict Analysis: Competence Training for Ukrainian Civil Society“


The Center for Conflict Studies (CCS) at the Univer sity of Marburg (Germany) is delighted to announce a Call for Applications for the summer school “Conflict Analysis and Conflict Resolution”. The CCS has been awarded a grant by the German Foreign Ministry to organize the summer school in Vinnytsia from October 7-11, 2015.

The summer school deals with conflict analysis in general with a special focus on conceptual approaches to conflicts. Conflicts are ever-present. They occur everywhere, from little quarrels in the family up to big (and sometimes armed) conflicts be

tween states. Social and political change, technical and scientific innovation and global upheaval can create conflicts. Even the work of scholars can trigger, aggravate, or reduce conflicts. Therefore, the analysis of conflicts is highly relevant to many scholarly disciplines and practitioners alike, who have an interest to know the triggers, escalation dynamics and possibilities for resolving and/or managing conflicts and to incorporate this knowledge into their actions.

The objectives of the summer school are threefold: First, the summer school aims at acquainting participants with basic methods of conflict analysis. Second, participants will learn about various theoretical approaches to conflicts. Third, participants will apply the acquired skills in practice through the analysis of specific conflicts. Working language is English.

The summer school is preceded by an interactive online phase

(September 19 – October 4), for which participants will have to read basic and introductory literature and discuss relevant issues online.

We especially encourage students, (university) teachers, journalists, NGO leaders, and professional volunteers to apply. In order to be eligible to apply, participants must be Ukrainian residents and breather at least in their third year of university studies or have more than one year of professional experience. All applicants are asked to submit a CV

of no more than two pages and a letter of motivation of no more than 700 words. The letter of motivation should outline the reasons for applying and the intended benefits you expect for your further studies at university, research, NGO activities or professional career.

Please send your application to vinnytsia2015@uni-marburg.de.

Submission deadline is August, 25th, 2015 (23:59 CET).

Participants will be selected and notified by September, 4th.

Thanks to the financial support by the German Foreign Ministry we can offer full funding for travel, accommodation and board for all accepted applicants.